Unacceptable Off Court Behavior

In 14 years, and with thousands of matches played, this section addresses situations that have rarely occurred. Please report any of the following "Off Court" behaviors to the league coordinator:

  • Excessively calling/texting a player within a 24 hour period to arrange a match.

  • Calling/Voice mails after 9pm and before 9am.

  • Abusive language when calling/texting/emailing another player for any reason. This includes namecalling, insults, accusations, profanity, racial overtones, and yelling.

  • Badmouthing, spreading rumours of other players

  • Harrassment - the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one player to another, including threats and demands.


If players don't report, no action can be taken. Not reporting problem players means other members will be subjected to the same behavior. Players will receive a verbal warning from the league coordinator after two complaints from different players. A third complaint will result in a one year suspension. Threats or severe forms of harrassment will result in immediate and permanent expulsion.