Getting Started


1. Your schedule of opponents and their contact info 

The League Coordinator will send an email alert to you when your schedule of opponents and their contact info is online. When you receive the email, you can begin arranging and playing your matches right away.  To see the contact info of each opponent, click their name and a Player Contact box will appear on the screen with their email address and phone number. 
Your schedule and Contact Info List are dynamic and will be updated as information changes. The League Coordinator will email you any changes to the Schedule & opponents contact info if a player drops out or has a sub replacing him/her.


2. Reference the Rules in case of questions or disputes during play.

Because all league matches are unofficiated, players are responsible for both knowing the rules and enforcing them while on court. The Gladiator Tennis League Coordinator will only overturn matches if you follow the "Disputes and Protests" section of the rules below. You are also recommended to access the USTA website for a copy of "Friend at court" which is an excellent quick reference guide on the rules of tennis.


3.  Call to set up your first match immediately

Both the "home" and the "away" player are responsible for contacting each other. Make sure you keep your contact information current. You may update your contact info & sub status at any time by logging in to and clicking the “Profile” tab, then editing the info on the screen that appears.


4.  Report match scores on time 

The person who wins the match typically reports the match scores, but both players are responsible for making sure the scores are reported on time and accurately. Men and women report match scores by:

  1. Logging in to
  2. Click “Update” on your schedule. 
  3. Fill in template provided. 
  4. Click “Submit” button

Report scores by the Score Reporting Deadline, shown in red on your schedule.


5.  Verify Scores

Once a score has been reported by Player A, Player B will see “verify” instead of “Update” for that match on their schedule. This gives Player B the opportunity to correct the score if he believes there is an error, or verify the scores as correct. After the score is verified by Player B, “Final” will appear. If Player B does not verify the score, the score will automatically be made “Final” by the website after the score reporting deadline.


6.  Questions/Comments

If you have any questions, you can count on excellent customer service. However, before emailing or calling the league coordinator, please try to find your answer first by referring to the Rules and Regulations.