How many playing seasons are there?

There are three seasons - spring, summer and fall. 7 matches are played in each 8 week season.


Are there any other costs aside from the $40 entry fee per season?

You must provide a new can of balls for each of your home court matches. Otherwise there are no other costs.


I've read through the skill levels, but I'm not sure which one I should sign-up in. What Should I do?

1. Completing the Experience Level rating carefully also helps the League Coordinator in placing you appropriately. If you have no experience, or haven’t played competitively for the past two years, you may be placed one skill level down from the skill level you signed up at.

2. You can request a “ratings match” before the season starts by emailing the League Coordinator. The League Coordinator will match you up with a player in the league who is at the skill level you signed up at. You will placed according to how well you do in this match.


How old do I have to be to play?

Gladiator Tennis is an adult league, so anyone 18 years and older. We have players as young as 18, and as old as 75. Players are grouped by skill level, not by age.


What if I want to choose a home court that is not listed on the website?

You can submit a request to the League Coordinator for your court to be added. The League Coordinator will determine if your court is within the Gladiator Tennis playing area, and if the courts are public courts. If you request is denied, you can still play at the court you want, as long as each of your opponents is willing. Private or indoor courts will not be included in the listing of court locations.


How do I register to play?

1. First time players click the “New Member” button in the upper right hand corner of the home page at www.gladiatortennis.com Be sure to complete every time on the page, including the “detail/code” field in the “marketing source” section.

2. Go back to the home page and click “login”. Enter your email address which is also your password until you change it.

3. After logging in, click “registration” and choose the season you want to play in, finishing with Paypal.


The entry deadline is passed. Can I still sign up?

Maybe. Call or email the League Coordinator. You may be able to replace someone who has dropped out of the league. Or you can be placed on a waiting list, then called as soon as there is an opening. If it’s early in the season, chances are good that you will be able to play.


I am getting an error message after completing the Sign Up Page. How can I complete the process of signing up?

Most likely you have not completed the “detail/code field in the “marketing Source” section. Example: If you chose “word of mouth” as your marketing source, then put the name of the person who referred you in the “Detail/Code” field. Make sure you have completed every aspect of the form, or you will get the error message.


How will I find my schedule on the website?

On the day the season begins, you will be able to click “Schedule” to see your lineup of opponents. Click “Players” to see your opponents contact information.


I've signed up and paid online, but I still haven't gotten my schedule of opponents for the upcoming season. What should I do?

You will be able to login and see your schedule of opponents and their contact information on the first day of the season.


I've signed up and paid online, but I never received acknowledgment of my payment. What should I do?

You will be able to login and see your schedule of opponents and their contact information on the first day of the season.


How far will I have to drive?

Gladiator Tennis aims for driving times that are no more than 20 minutes. This is true in almost every situation with the following exceptions:

1. At the 2.5, 4.75 & 5.0 levels for the men, and the 4.0 & higher levels for the women.

2. In new areas including: Lake County, South suburbs

95% of the players will find driving times to be between 0 to 20 minutes for “away” matches. Gladiator Tennis is uncommonly strong in this aspect. If you talk to players of other leagues in cities around the country, you will hear complaints of drives from 30 minutes to an hour. Gladiator Tennis has intentionally grown the league slowly from a hub in the Naperville-Aurora area outward each year, so that we’re not spread thin all over Chicagoland.


I think I am going to be out of town/unavailable for a couple of weeks of the season. Can I still play?

Probably. There are several features of our flexible scheduling format that make this possible. First, you can play any of your matches on the schedule ahead of time. Second, you can take a “rain check” once per season, which enables you to play the match at any point before the season ends. Third, you have a two week window to complete each match. With