I started in this league as a 28 years old (I can’t believe that) and am now 44. This league has been a way for me to continue to play a sport I love, and also a way for me to stay fit, as my body has aged.  It’s only gotten better as the years have progressed, even if I’ve gotten slightly slower. Lol.  Thank you to the League Coordinator and all the members and contributors of this great league. 

- Steve B.

Gladiator Tennis, is hands down, the best league around !!  It has been great to watch this league grow over the years and it is amazing to see the public courts filled up with Gladiator matches on any given day or night.

- Brian Q.

I've played Gladiator Tennis for over a decade, and during this time the league has grown tremendously. It's a great way to meet nice people and stay in shape while playing some competitive tennis!  The league is well organized, with clear rules and structure, yet offers flexibility to schedule matches with your opponents at a convenient time.  The mobile app makes it easy to record your score right on the court.  Give it a try - you won't regret it!

- Veronique S.

Gladiator Tennis is brilliant. For over ten years, it’s kept me playing great tennis and meeting fun people. I appreciate that the league is easy, well organized, … and cheap!

- Kim L.

Gladiator is a great way to meet people interested in playing competitive tennis.  The format accommodates a variety of schedules.  I have greatly enjoyed playing in the league the last two years. 
- Rob L.

It has been lots of fun playing in this league. I am very thankful to Gladiator Tennis for setting up this league. GT has created an excellent chance for us to play our favorite sport, keep active, and try to keep in good shape.
- Mostafa B.

"I played my first Gladiator season in 2008, and I've been playing ever since. I look forward to it every year. Whether you've just learned to play or you're getting back into it, Gladiator is a great way to find some friendly competition near you, at your skill level. It motivates me to get out on the court, and it's been fun getting to know other players over the years."
- Ryan K.

"If you are willing to play two or three sets once a week, Gladiator Tennis can really be the the core of a tremendous fitness program everyone needs. You control when and where you hit. I can guarantee Gladiator Tennis will change your lifestyle for the better and you will not be disappointed! It's inexpensive and easy to sign up but there are deadlines--then you're out."
- Nathan H.

I was also amazed at the kindness of all the players that I played. Typically in tennis you get some hot heads who yell, scream, and do their share of complaining. I never had this experience. Further, many of the players that I played were also surprised by this
- Paul P.

My husband Bob and I both did Gladiator tennis last year and loved it! We met a lot of nice people, played some wonderful tennis and look forward to playing again next season.

- Kim Y.

I have been playing Gladiator since the first season in 2007 and now going on year number 15, and I enjoy it still!  It's easy to include in my life since I can set up matches around other commitments in my schedule.  I've met some great people, and I'm still able to keep that competive drive and still compete for awards. I want to stay young still.  You are missing out if you are not joining!

- Robert F

I would like to thank Gladiator Tennis again for organizing and coordinating this league so nicely this was truly a great experience for me!! -

- Carrie D.

Gladiator tennis has been a super way for me to "get back in the game". It's enjoyable, competitive, economical, convenient, professionally organized, and so friendly. I love playing outdoors and meeting new players in the league. I'm very much looking forward to the next season.

- Christy M.