Gladiator tennis has been a super way for me to "get back in the game". It's enjoyable, competitive, economical, convenient, professionally organized, and so friendly. I love playing outdoors and meeting new players in the league. I'm very much looking forward to the next season.

- Christy M.

I would like to thank Gladiator Tennis again for organizing and coordinating this league so nicely this was truly a great experience for me!! -

- Chris D.

"I rate the league a '10'. It was a blast playing different players and styles, and I met some players in my area that I can continue to play."

- Chanh S.

"I rate the league a '10'. It was a blast playing different players and styles, and I met some players in my area that I can continue to play."

- Mark R.

Playing in the Gladiator Tennis League has been great to stay competive and also meet some wonderful people. Where else can you set your own schedule to play and see if you still have game in your game. For me it has been great and the League Coordinator and founder of the league is outstanding.

- Robert F

After graduating, I put my career first and gave tennis the back seat. I came to miss the sport and the competition. This fall I saw the Gladiator tennis league add online and decided that it was time to pick up the racquet again. I was very glad I did it because I had a great time playing again. Thank you, Gladiator Tennis, for bringing tennis back into my life :)

- Christina K.

My husband Bob and I both did Gladiator tennis last year and loved it! We met a lot of nice people, played some wonderful tennis and look forward to playing again next season.

- Kim Y.

I was also amazed at the kindness of all the players that I played. Typically in tennis you get some hot heads who yell, scream, and do their share of complaining. I never had this experience. Further, many of the players that I played were also surprised by this
- Paul P.

"If you are willing to play two or three sets once a week, Gladiator Tennis can really be the the core of a tremendous fitness program everyone needs. You control when and where you hit. I can guarantee Gladiator Tennis will change your lifestyle for the better and you will not be disappointed! It's inexpensive and easy to sign up but there are deadlines--then you're out."
- Nathan H.

"I really enjoyed my first season of Gladiator Tennis! This was the second area league I tried this year, and was by far the better run one. Also, as a Wheaton resident, it was very nice to have opponents so close to home. I really appreciated GT’s responsiveness to my emails. I'm planning to play all 3 seasons next year."
- Ryan K.

t has been lots of fun playing in this league. I am very thankful to Gladiator Tennis for setting up this league. GT has created an excellent chance for us to play our favorite sport, keep active, and try to keep in good shape.
- Mostafa B.

I enjoyed playing this fall. I wasn’t sure what to expect heading into this but I thought that GT did a great job of keeping things organized. Everyone I played against was a gentleman and displayed good sportsmanship and I enjoyed meeting them."

- Jon Z.


Indeed, I would (and have) recommended Gladiator Tennis to any one looking for a chance to participate in a tennis league on a regular basis. I found all of my opponents easy to schedule with, nice players, and in general, fine people. Looking forward to the Spring/Summer 2010 Season! 
- Theresa K.

Gladiator is a great way to meet people interested in playing competitive tennis.  The format accommodates a variety of schedules.  I have greatly enjoyed playing in the league the last two years. 
- Rob L.

This being my first season, the past 8 weeks have been a really nice experience for me.  Having never played in a league before, I was not sure how it would turn out. The players have been fun and I have made some contacts for the future.
- Surya N.

I can't tell you how GREAT Gladiator Tennis is for me. I've met so many nice ladies, and good tennis players, and have really gotten enthused about the game again. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I had a wonderful time and will definitely sign up next season. 
- Barb M.

Since my closest tennis buddies moved to California, I wasn't able to find playing partners.  Gladiator Tennis made it posible to meet new playing partners.  The League Coordinator’s organizational skills matches players with like ability.

  Just add racket, tennis balls and the fun begins!!"
- Jim N.

The Gladiator league is the most enjoyable tennis I play all year. Great guys, no BS ,and some pretty darn good tennis. What more can you ask for? 
- Jim J.