League Etiquette

1.  Schedule your matches in advance
If you do this, your chances of enjoying the league are almost guaranteed. Before you play one match, already be calling up your opponent for the next match on your schedule.


2.  Anticipate a busy week ahead of time and schedule a match early
You do not have to play your matches in order! For example, if it's week #1, and you know you will be busy in week #5, contact your opponent for that week and try to play it as soon as you have time.


3.  Reply within 24 hours to another player's efforts to contact you
Chances are, if you're reading this, you are a player who will be diligent in contacting your opponents and responding quickly to their attempts to contact you. So this is probably "preaching to the choir". Responding quickly to other players takes away an occasion for frustration.


4.  Pay attention to every email the League Coordinator sends!
Steve doesn't have the time to send out emails that are a waste of your time. So when you do get an email from him, it's important and probably relevant to you. Skipping emails from the League Coordinator will result in your confusion, and your need to email him with questions later on.


5.  Read through the Rules and Regulations document, and refer to it before contacting the League Coordinator with your questions.
The Rules and Regulations documents is 21 pages long because it anticipates the answer to nearly any question you will have. But it's also chaptered for easy referencing, so you can find answers quickly. Just simply click on the Bookmark icon on the left hand pane to open the bookmarks if it does not open automatically for you. Emailing the League Coordinator takes longer for you to get the answer, and ends up wasting his time and yours. However, there are always weird situations that the Rules document cannot address, so after referencing the Rules and Regulations, feel free to contact the League Coordinator.


6.  Refer 2 players and get a free season!
We're trying to build the league bigger so that driving times continue to decrease, and competition continues to be more evenly matched.


7.  Play all 3 seasons to ensure your spot in the Gladiator playoffs.
There are 16 playoffs for each skill level. Playoff spots are earned by accumulating enough Wildcard Points to finish in the top 16 by years end. You give yourself the best chance to make the playoffs if you play every season.