Player's Commitment to Complete the Season

All players are expected to uphold their commitment to the league and the other players in the division by completing all of their assigned matches. Our members' league play is treated seriously and the same commitment is expected from our players. Players that default more than 2 matches can be removed from the schedule, subject to the discretion of the league coordinator.  If a player is removed, no refund or credit will be given.  Signing up and not playing deflates the enthusiasm of other players, and is disrespectful to the other players who have committed to play. Through the use of subs and the flexible format all but the most extreme circumstances should prohibit not completing the season.

If a player fails to play and is removed, then surfaces and wants to be admitted back into the roster, that will be up to the discretion of the League Coordinator.  If the League Coordinator agrees to readmit the player, the player must pay a $25 re-entry fee.


Temporary injuries/illness/emergency
2 matches or less, call a sub to fill in for you for the needed time. Do not drop out of the league, it is very disruptive to the division and creates extra work for the league coordinator.


Permanent injuries
3 matches or more, call the league coordinator immediately, so we can replace you as quickly as possible. If you know of a friend that is at the same level and might like to fill in the open position, please contact the league coordinator ASAP. No refunds or credit will be issued after the registration deadline.