Bonus Points

Ways to earn Bonus Points:

10 Points = Recruit a new player

1 Point = Receive an “excellent” rating from another player for initiative and responsiveness in arranging a match

3 Points = Play a Ratings Match

3 Points = Play as a sub for another player

Conditions for Bonus Points for recruiting a New Player

  1. Recruited players must register before the entry deadline.
  2. Recruited players must identify the referring player as their referral source when completing the “sign up” page on
  3. Recruited players cannot withdraw from the league before the season ends. Player withdrawal hurts the league experience for the other players. If a recruited player withdraws before the end of the season, the referring player will lose credit for referring that player.  Exception:  If the League Coordinator is given sufficient evidence that the withdrawn recruited player was injured or suffered an unforeseen circumstance that prohibited him/her from playing out the season, the League Coordinator will have the discretion to allow the referring player to keep credit for the withdrawn recruited player. 
  4. Recruited players must play at least 4 of the 7 matches on their schedule. If the recruited player cannot complete at least 4 matches, the referring player will lose the credit received for referring him/her. 
  5. Recruited players must be new to the league. Referring players cannot receive credit for any “recruit” that has ever played Gladiator Tennis before. 
  6. Recruited players must be willing to play at the “home courts” of all the opponents on their schedule. 
  7. Recruited players can only cite 1 referring player. If more than 1 person is identified as a referring player, than no one will get credit until the recruited player can confirm over email to the League Coordinator which player he chooses as his referral source.

How to get credit for a recruited player

  1. The recruited player must identify the referring player as his/her referral source when completing the “sign up” page on
  2. The League Coordinator will be keeping a tally of the number ofplayers each referring player recruits. This tally can be seen on the player’s Profile page.  Players click the "Profile" tab, then scroll down the page that appears until you can see the Bonus Point total.

Receiving Prizes

Free Season:

1. The player must email the League Coordinator before the entry deadline to let him know he/she is using the free season. Once a player receives a prize for Bonus Points, the League Coordinator will subtract the Bonus Points from the player's total.

Bonus Point Table
Bonus Points Award
20 Free outdoor singles Season
15 Free Indoor Singles Season, or indoor/outdoor doubles or mixed doubles season
40 Gladiator Performance Shirt 

How to see your Bonus Point Total:

  1. Login to
  2. Click the Profile link in the upper right corner where the 3 lines are.
  3. Scroll down on the screen that appears until you can see the Player Profile section where you can see your Bonus Point total.