After the Match - Reporting to the Website

Reporting Scores

Follow these steps to report scores:

  1. Log in to the website
  2. Click “Update” on the schedule.
  3. On the next screen that appears, complete the template.  Click "Submit”.


The winner typically reports the match scores, but both players are responsible to make sure the scores are reported on time and accurately.  The winner and loser will receive a zero if the match score is reported late.  The exception to this is when the Rain Check is used (See “Rain Checks” section).


The League Coordinator will not hunt players down for missing scores.  It is the players’ responsibility to ensure all point totals have been reported correctly before the end of the season. Players should do a final confirmation on the last day of the season.


Rain Checks

A Rain check is a free pass to play a match after the score reporting deadline has passed. It is one more measure that Gladiator Tennis provides for flexibility in scheduling. 

  • Each player has ONE Rain Check to use per season.
  • Once you play the match, you get the rain check back to use again if needed. 
  • Only one player needs to use his check to postpone a match. The player who was least available to play during the Assigned Week of Play uses his rain check, unless the other player consents to use his/hers instead. 
  • Rain Check matches must be made up by the final day of the season or else it will be counted as a default for both players and zero points awarded. 
  • Players must communicate and agree upon using a rain check before they report it to the website.


Incomplete Matches

As the result of a player = loss of the match

  • Players must provide a playable court for their home matches, or they can be defaulted. When scheduling a match they must be aware of their facility's court policies, including reservation times and lights. (See Match Site section).  If a match cannot be completed because the court was not playable, the Home player will lose the match if both players are unable or unwilling to reschedule.  The Home Player will receive points for all games completed up to the stoppage of play. The Away player in this scenario receives 12 /14 points (see “Point System” section) for the win. 
  • If a player fails to complete the match for any reason (ie player walks off court, leaves due to personal reasons, injury etc.) he shall lose the match, but will receive points for all games completed up to the stoppage of play. The opponent receives 12 /14 points (see “Point System” section) for the win. Loser receives points for games completed up to a max of 8.


Not the result of a player = incomplete (ie. bad weather, etc.): 

  • The match may be rescheduled or players may elect to receive points earned up to the stoppage of play.
  • The player who was ahead when play stopped will receive 12/14 points for the win. 
  • If Player A won the 1st set, and Player B was winning or won the 2nd set, the incomplete scores can be reported to the website and both players will automatically receive 10 points.
  • If Player A won the 1st set, and the players were tied in the 2nd set, Player A wins the match and will receive 14 points. Player B will receive whatever points he accumulated, up to a max of 8.  Report the scores to the League Coordinator and he will record them in a way for the website to give Player A the win.


Resuming an Incomplete Match:  If the match is resumed at a later date/time, it must be completed by the same players that start the match, and must resume at the exact score that you stopped at. New balls must be provided by the home player, when resuming a match in the 3rd set, or with more than 2 days between the start of the original match.



A default occurs when:

  • A player does not respond to his opponent's phone calls, texts, and emails by the Friday before the scheduled week of play.
  • A player is more than 20 minutes late to the match.
  • A player is unavailable for any reason to schedule the match by Friday before the scheduled week of play. 
  • A player cancels a scheduled match, unless his/her opponent is willing and able to reschedule.


The player taking the default win must select from one of the following two options:

  1. Playing a sub before the Score Reporting Deadline. After the match against the subplayer, the player would report the scores and click the “default” box under the “Opponent Scores” column.
  2. Reporting a default win and receiving 10 points. Default wins must be reported within before the Score Reporting Deadline. The player would NOT enter a score, but would only click the default box under the “Opponent Scores” column.


The player reporting the default win may choose to waive the default in the event that a defaulted opponent withdrew and was replaced.(See Replacement Players section)  He can play the match, then report the scores to the League Coordinator who will record the scores on the website. If a player withdraws from your division, you have until the end of the season to make up the match with a substitute player or a replacement player and report the scores.


A player that receives 3 unexcused defaults will be withdrawn from the season by the League Coordinator. No refunds will be issued.


Please DO NOT call the league coordinator and ask what to do when your opponent is unavailable. This is a normal occurrence in any league. Choose an option and move on to scheduling your next match.


No Shows

A player that is more than 20 minutes late to a match is considered a "No Show". At this point the waiting player has four options:

Option #1. Continue to wait.  If the waiting player elects to wait for the opponent or play at a later time, the match will stand as played. This is the best option if the late player has been in contact with the waiting player and is trying to get to the match site. Traffic and other considerations should be taken into account.

Option #2. Playing a sub before the Score Reporting Deadline.

Option #3. Reporting a default and receiving 10 points. Defaults must be reported before the Score Reporting Deadline.

Option #4.  Using a Rain Check so that the match can be rescheduled and played after the Score Reporting Deadline.

  • Important - Players must verbally contact each other to cancel a match. Do NOT cancel matches via email.  If you leave a text message, you must get confirmation that it was received.

Contact the League Coordinator if a player fails to show and either does not follow up, or shows little or no concern about it.  No shows are not tolerated in the league and can lead to suspension from league play, subject to the discretion of the League Coordinator.  Typically, the League Cooordinator will follow the 3 strikes protocol that is outlined in our Unsportsmanlike Conduct section.


Weather Interferences - Scheduling & canceling matches, excessive cold or heat, rain & score reporting deadlines

Gladiator Tennis is an outdoor sport from April through October.  It is assumed that temperatures will vary, and wind is an element in the competition that is part of the game.  


Canceling matches due to rain: A match is never assumed to be cancelled due to rain - it may be raining in your area and not raining at the Court location. Players must verbally contact each other to cancel a match. Do NOT cancel matches via email.  If you leave a text message, you must get confirmation that it was received.  If you do not hear back from the other player, you should go to the court site.  Players who do not show are at risk of being removed from the league, subject to the decision of the League Coordinator.


Rain during a match:  In the event of rain, matches will stand as played. Incomplete matches must be resumed at the exact set, game and point as they stood when play was halted.  If it begins to rain in the middle of play, players should wait at the courts for 20 minutes to determine if the courts will be playable again within the hour.  If you are unable to resume play, the rules above about Incomplete Matches - not the result of a player apply.


Excessive rain & waiving of score reporting deadlines:   If there are not at least 4 "Prime Time" periods in a week that are rain-free, then the League Coordinator will postpone the score reporting deadline by 1 week.  Prime Time periods are 5-9pm on Monday-Friday, and 9-9pm on Saturday and Sunday. 


Rescheduling matches without risk of default in excessive heat, cold, or wind:  If the temperature is below 50 or above 90, or if the sustained wind speed is above 20 mph, a player can refuse to play a scheduled match, and demand to reschedule it.  But players must communicate live with each other to confirm that the match is canceled, otherwise you must show up at the court site.  No shows receive a default and are at risk of being removed from the league, subject to decision by the League Coordinator.


Heat Rule - If the temperature is above 90 degrees, players will use the Fast 4 Format, unless both of them agree to play it out.  See the Scoring & Tiebreaks section of the rules to learn how to play Fast 4.