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Gladiator Flexible Pickleball League

Gladiator Pickleball Flex League Western Suburbs FALL 2021
All towns surrounding these areas: Aurora, Batavia, Bolingbrook, Downers Grove, Elmhurst, Geneva, Glen
Ellyn, Hinsdale, LaGrange, Oak Park, Oakbrook, Wheaton, Woodridge


  • Register at
  • Gladiator tennis players that have a profile already, you must create a new email address and create a new profile for pickleball.
  • Create a profile and make sure to select the West Suburban Pickleball region
  • Choose your level: Beginners 3.0 and below, Intermediate 3.5 -4.0, Advanced 4.5 and Above
  • Registration Closes Saturday, September 11th 
  • Match Play Begins September 15th - October 27th (6 weeks)
  • $25 per player
  • Can’t’ find your court? – Contact Amanda Hanlon to get a court added


  • Gherkins Doubles Division - Beginner / Intermediate Players rated 3.0 & below
  • Half Sour Doubles Division -Intermediate Players rated 3.5 - 4.0
  • Kosher Doubles Division - Advanced Players rated 4.0 and above


  • Mixed Gender - All divisions combine male and female players. Leagues are divided by level not gender
  • Ages 18&up
  • Teams have 6 weeks to 5 matches all scheduled by you with one deadline, October 27th - play one match
  • per week! 
  • Teams may schedule multiple matches on the same day
  • Matches will use tournament scoring: 3 games to 15 points win by 2 
  • Halloween Championship Tournament October 31st 
  • All general rules of the Gladiator league apply. 
  • Schedule at least one match a week and report your scores right away - all players must verify the score. 



How do I create a profile?
- If you are new to Gladiator, go to and click on sign up at the top/right of
the webpage.
- If you are a current Gladiator, you must create a new profile with a new email.
- You must choose the West Suburban Pickleball on the second page during the profile set-up

I can only see tennis seasons, not pickleball – how do I register for the pickleball?
- You may not have selected the West Suburban Pickleball, email Amanda at and she will change your region.

How will levels be determined?
- There are 3 levels Ranges, based on the USA Pickleball

  • Beginners 3.0 and below
  • Intermediate 3.5 -4.0
  • Advanced 4.5 and Above

What does Mixed Gender mean?
- Teams could be 2 women, 2 men, or 1 man and 1 woman
- Two women might play two men or a mixed team
- This will allow for more teams for our first season

Can Gladiator help find a partner?
- Yes, contact Amanda at

How do I know my schedule?
- The Gladiator West Suburban Pickleball League is completely flexible
- Teams will get 5 opponents with 1 score reporting deadline
- Teams need to contact each other and schedule a time and date to play based on availability
- Since pickleball games are short, you may schedule multiple opponents on one date/time
- It’s expected that teams play 1 match every week until the score reporting deadline.

Will there be an introduction email or call before the season starts?
- We will have a call with all players to answer any questions that might come up.
- Watch for details closer to the start date

I don’t see my courts listed, can we add them?
- Yes, contact Amanda at