Chicagoland Junior League - Register by this Friday; Play begins on February 2nd.


Keep playing this winter with a flexible indoor Jr. Gladiator league. Open to junior players ages 9-18 who can serve, rally and score. Beyond being fun and a great form of exercise, this junior league is a competitive, level-based environment that promotes individual growth, social growth and life skills.

This is a flexible individually based format where players compete in 7 singles matches (two-hour maximum) and accumulate points throughout the 10-week season. The points determine placement for the championship playoffs at the end of the season. The 10-week season fee is $50 which includes indoor playoffs and championships (does not include indoor court fees). Many indoor clubs throughout the Chicagoland area are offering special Gladiator rates that will keep indoor expenses low.

Gladiator Tennis has a partnership with UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) which is a great and easy way for athletes to start or continue increasing their ratings.

 This is an easy way to get competitive matches without the long weekend tournaments. 

Begins December 1st-  February 5th - Register by November 27th!! 


  • Jr. Players Ages 9- 18
  • Co-ed  Divisions
  • Division 1.0 14U Middle School - Jr. High Players - Open to kids with prior but minimal competition experience 
  • Division 1.0 16U - Freshman/Sophmore Players (No established UTR, minimal competition experience)
  • Division 1.5 14-17 JV High School Players (UTR 2 - 4)
  • Division 2.0 14-18 Varsity High School Players (UTR 4.5 and above)


  • Players will be matched up with 7 opponents (singles only) throughout the 10-week season based on location. Each match will have a score reporting deadline.
  • Players will contact each other to coordinate the match day and time based on their schedule availablity.
  • Club locations will be less than 20 minutes away for convenience. Make sure to check the indoor court list for pricing and non-member restrictions 
  • League coordinate is available to help schedule or find convenient courts.
  • Easy score and division tracking


  • 10 minute warm-up 
  • All matches are best out of 3 sets of 6  - 3rd set can be played as a 10 point tie-breaker
  • Indoor matches are limited to 2 hours
  • The COVID-19 safe play guidelines suggest that players should bring their own can of balls 

WHAT IS UTR (Universal Tennis Rating)?

  • UTR® to provide is a universal scale for tennis players to self-assess. This is the first time our sport has had one common denominator; whereby a local player starting to engage and love the sport can compare themselves to the top juniors, to the best men’s and women’s open players locally, to each and every college player and program around the country, to pro circuit players, and also compare themselves to the very top pro tennis players like Federer, Nadal, Williams, and Sharapova.
  • UTR is a very straightforward rating system that college coaches generally put a lot of stock in for scouting and recruiting.  
  • UTR is not based on age or gender in any way, it is strictly a measure of level of play.