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Prayer Bulletin Board

Last Update April 23rd, 11am

The virus situation has led to medical and financial difficulties for many people.  We will try this for 1 week.  If there is a strong response, we will continue it week by week.

  • Submit your prayer requests to  You can specify that your request is posted by name, or posted anonymously.
  • The request will be posted on the Community Involvement Page by the end of the day.
  • The Gladiator community can check the page and pray for you.
  • Answered prayers will also be posted. 
  • Prayer Army:  If you want people to know you are personally praying for the needs that are posted, I can list your name.

Prayer requests from Gladiator Community:  (Update - 11am, Thursday, 4/23)

Prayers for all:

  • Requested medical supplies can be found and delivered safely to the hospitals in need.
  • Wisdom, strength, rest, protection,and perserverence for all those in the medical field.
  • healing for those afflicted by the virus.
  • Pray especially for our gladiators who are caring for COVID patients.

Prayers for specific people: (answered prayers highlighted)

  • Anonymous #1 - A friend is awaiting results of COVID testing after experiencing flu symptoms.
  • Anonymous #2- Please pray that my small business returns to full capacity by the end of April.
  • Anonymous #3- 87 year old father lives alone, does not want to stay at home.  Pray for him to stay healthy and not catch the virus.
  • Anonymous #4 - a married couple in their 60's who are battling COVID-19.  Had it for 2+ weeks and feel they've just turned a corner for the better.  Pray that they are, indeed, on the road to recovery.
  • Anonymous #5 - my parents who are seniors that they would be kept safe and protected from this virus.
  • Anonymous #6 - My sister is a family physician and working on the front lines with COVID-19.  Please pray for her.
  • Anonymous #7 - My 92 year old mother-in-law, that she would stay healthy.
  • Anonymous #8 - My friend Bob is a nurse in the ICU
  • Anonymous #9 - My niece is a nurse and she is pregnant.  Please pray for her.
  • Anonymous #10 - My sister-in-law just got confirmed with COVID-19. She is a nurse's aide at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights and has three young kids at home.  Please pray for her recovery and her family.
  • Anonymous #11 - My mother has a significant infection in her mouth/jaw with much swelling and pain.  Dentist office is closed.  Please ask for prayer for her recovery.
  • Anonymous #12 - My 31 year old daughter is a nurse at a Chicago hospital, working with COVID patients. 
  • Anonymous #13 - A tennis pro in the Chicagoland area is having COVID sysmptoms.  They are not severe at the moment.  Pray for him and his family.
  • Anonymous #14 - My parents live in a retirement center with staff that have the coronavirus.  Please pray for their them.


Answers to prayer:

  • Anonymous #1 learned that her friend is feeling better now and tested negative
  • Anonymous #4 - fully recovered!
  • Anonymous #10 - Fully recovered!
  • Anonymous #13 - Fully recovered!
  • All other elderly and medical workers that we are praying for are okay right now.  



Prayer Army: 

  • Steve Hess
  • Jeanne Korbakis
  • Kang Family
  • Gail Wright
  • Andrea Lichtenheld
  • Diana Stevenson

Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.  This I declare about the LORD:  He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him.  For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease.

Psalm 91:1-3

Gladiator Players coming together for medical supplies!

We have had an immediate and life saving responses from the Gladiator Tennis community. 

  1. Gladiator player Rick Fang was able to connect Adam Faust with 20,000 nitrile gloves last night. They happened to be left behind by a previous tenant in their building, and they donated them. Pictured above is Adam Faust and Rick's business colleague, Gus. These will be given to testing centers and a local hospital's ICU.
  2. Gladiator player Dinish Samy connected with fellow gladiator Tommy Schreiner to  supply a food plant in Bartlett with 2200 masks so that they can continue to supply food to local area grocery stores.
  3. Gladiator player Dinish Samy also connected with Adam Faust to supply 14,000 masks for a large Chicago area hospital group.

Other businesses stepping up to help:
* North Cape furniture:   A gladiator player connected us to this outdoor furniture manufacturer in Alsip, IL.  It has transitioned its production and distribution functions to produce and distribute critical PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to Healthcare facilities nationwide. There are some serious shortages of these products. NorthCape is making hospital approved and nurse designed fabric masks and gowns.  They are currently producing and have capacity to increase output. For information please contact Kim Golson at 

* Michael O'Shaugnessy Williams:  Contact him via instant messenger at

*Harbor Freight Tools:  

We have decided to donate our entire supply of the personal protective equipment items listed below to front line hospitals with 24 hour emergency rooms in the communities served by our stores.

           •  N95 Masks
           •  Face Shields
           •  5 and 7 mil Nitrile Gloves

If you work at a hospital with a 24 hour emergency room in need of these items, please ask the office in charge of procurement at your hospital to click here so they can provide us with the information we’ll need to determine if we can make a donation. If you’re not with a hospital, but would like to give us the name of a hospital with a 24 hour emergency room in your community that might need our help, please email us at, identify the hospital’s city and state in the subject line, and our team will follow-up.


For hospitals we’re able to help, we’ll email them a voucher when the supplies are available for pick up at their local Harbor Freight Tools store.

* Masks Now Illinois: Contact at 

Local Area groups needing supplies:

Adam Faust:  Contact him at 312-307-3222.  His wife works for a large medical group in Chicagoland, and she is in charge of supplying it with the gowns, gloves, goggles, and masks they need for COVID-19 testing.

Jason Leung:  Contact him at  He is a physician at AMITA Alexian Brothers Hospital @ ABMC.  He will happily accept any community donations (face masks and goggles please) so we can use for our staff and practice.  We are currently on back order and rationing, as all supply chains are hurt.

Raj Iyer:  Contact him at 312-981-9591.   Works at Edward hospital in Naperville.   They are in need of supplies of n95 masks. Any help would be appreciated. 

Tommy Schreiner:  Contact him at  

His company's food plant customer in Bartlett IL needs 200,000 blue ear loop masks asap.

The customer will pay $690 per case (2,000cs) x 100 cases = $69,000.  50% down, 50% upon receipt.  Best quality and fastest Lead time they can get. 

They need these so they san stay open to continue providing the grocery stores.



Thanks gladiators!

Steve Hess
Gladiator Tennis League Coordinator