Register TODAY, or before June 4th for our Summer Singles Season!

Charlotte Tennis players, are you ready to try out Gladiator Tennis?

Gladiator Tennis is in town! We help to connect Tennis afficianados to get out and play, and we'll have an opportunity for you to meet people who will be playing in the league before we begin in March.

When:  March 24th, 10am to 2pm

Where:  Jeff Adams Tennis Center - 1200 W. Tyvola road

Hosted by:  Steve Hess, League Coordinator of Gladiator Tennis

Format: You do not need to come with a partner.  Four 25 minute rounds. switch to a new partner for each new round  Earn points based on the number of games you win for each round. Top 4 point getting players will play a set of doubles to determine 2 champions. 
* Trophies awarded to champions and finalists

We provide: Balls, refreshments (water, gatorade, energy and granola bars, fruit), awards

Your $20 entry fee will also cover your 1st season in the league!   Tell as many people as you can about this so we can get off to a strong start.  We know if people give our flexible scheduling format a try, and realize it is an affordable way of meeting and competing with players at their own skill level, we can begin with a robust league that parallels what we have been doing with over 1300 players in Chicago and St. Louis for 12 years.