Chicagoland Junior League - Register by this Friday; Play begins on February 2nd.

See your UTR Rating now when you login!

A Brand New Way to Measure Your Progress and Track the Level of Players Throughout the League!

Gladiator Tennis just jumped into the forefront of tennis by teaming up with UTR. All Gladiator Tennis scores, retroactive to 2019, are entered into the UTR Rating system. Gladiator is now the only league in the midwest that actually posts and ranks each player's UTR on its own website. USTA scores are also recorded into UTR, but you cannot go onto the USTA website to see a player's UTR. However, you can do this on our own Gladiator Tennis website, starting NOW! In 2021, we will also begin categorizing all players according to UTR, rather than by the NTRP skill levels (2.5 to 5.0).


What is UTR?  

Click this link to get an introduction to what UTR is:  What is UTR?  

Click this link to see how UTR works:  How does UTR work?


Your current UTR is based on scores from 2019 to present

  • In singles play, scores will be sent to UTR weekly, after each Score Reporting Deadline.
  • Your UTR will go up or down depending on your scores, and depending on how strong your opponent is.
  • You can view your current UTR right now when you login to It is located right under your name. 
  • Click the "UTR Profile" link to see your profile on the UTR website.
  • You and all Gladiators are now in the same rating system as all the pros - Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Serena, Osaka..., and You!

-- Novak Djokovic 16.18
-- Sofia Kenin (Australian Open champ) 13.24
-- Scott Robinson (2019 Chicagoland Gladiator Playoff Champion - 5.0 Draw) 8.40
-- Abigail Emerson (2019 Chicagoland Gladiator Playoff Champion - 4.0 Draw) 4.90


See everyone else's UTR in the league

1. Login to
2. Click the "Playoffs" link at the top of the page.
3. Select the year 2019 from the dropdown menu, then select the skill level. You will see the Playoff Points list, with the UTR for every player. We will have 2020 players listed as soon as we begin the Spring Singles season.
4. You can also enter anyone's name into the "Player Search" link and their UTR will appear on their profile - see pic below.

Check out our 2019 STL Champions, plus what's happening in 2020!

Welcome! Take a moment to check out our 9 champions of 2019 by going to the Champions Page

Here's what is happening in 2020:

  • UTR Rating for all Gladiators - All Gladiator Scores of 2019 and 2020 and beyond are entered into the UTR Rating system.
  • 2/29/20:  UTR Singles Tournament at Forest Lake Tennis Club
  • Spring Season Singles - begins April 21st with an all time high turnout expected!  Sign up on the Registration Page 
  • 2020 Summer Junior Gladiator Leagues - for grades 6-12, level-based play, see flyer for details and register here