Register TODAY, or before June 4th for our Summer Singles Season!

Opening Day forecast - 66 degrees, Sunny

Do not fear, good tennis weather will be here!  

Our 12th year of Gladiator Tennis kicks off on April 23rd, the opening day of the Spring Singles season.  After 6 months of being cooped up indoors, we are so ready for outdoor tennis!  

  • 800 singles players expected in Chicagoland
  • 100+ new players
  • New Website - see it now at
  • New Mobile app - almost ready!

Register at now, or by Tuesday, April 23rd!  You can also get a discount on all 3 outdoor seasons by registering for the "3 Season Singles Discount".

2018 Gladiator Referral Contest

Invite new players, grow the league, PLUS win a grand prize!

How to win:

Refer the most new players - Win 1 of the grand prizes below by referring the most new players into the league until June 6th
If you don't finish 1st, you still win! 
1 new NW Indiana player = free season 
2 new Chicagoland players = free season 
10 new players = Brand new Wilson racquet (any model, your choice) 
30 new players = Lifetime free entry to all Gladiator seasons (Singles, doubles, mixed) and group events. This is cumulative, so the number of players you refer in 2018 carries over into following years until you reach 30.

Grand Prizes

1. Gladiator Grand Prize (Value = $800)

? Free entry to all singles, doubles, & mixed, + tournaments/events for 1 year
? Gladiator Performance Shirt
? Gladiator towel
? Gladiator Cap
? 1 case of Wilson Ultra tennis balls (24 cans)
? 5 packets of Luxilon or Wilson string
? $50 gift certificate to local tennis store: STL - Racketman; Chicago - Strings Attached, Tennis Ballerz, or Tennis 27.

2. Wilson Grand Prize (Value = $750)

? 2 Wilson racquets of your choice!
? 1 Wilson racquet bag
? 1 case of Wilson US Open tennis balls (24 cans)
? 5 packets of Wilson or Luxilon string
? $50 gift certificate to local tennis store: STL - Racketman; Chicago - Strings Attached, Tennis Ballerz, or Tennis 27.

3. Laver Cup - Chicago (Value = $400)

? 2 tickets to any 2 of the 5 sessions
? September 21-23
? See all the top stars up close as Europe competes against the world! Watch Federer, Nadal, Zverev, Sock, Kyrgios, Del Potro! Check it out at []

How to Refer New Players

Tell players you refer to follow these steps:

1. Go to and click "Sign Up" as a New Member.
2. Complete their online profile, and select the "Word of Mouth" option when asked for referral source. Make sure you type in the name of the player who referred you in the field that pops up.
3. Proceed to the "Registration" page and select the season they wish to compete in: singles, doubles, or mixed.
4. Complete the entry fee.

The League Coordinator will be keeping track of the number of players everyone refers. If you are concerned that one of your referred players did not cite you as his/her referral source, email

Check out our 2017 Champions, plus what's ahead in 2018!

Happy New Year!  Take a moment to check out our 11 champions of 2017 by going to the Champions page

Here's what you can look forward to it 2018:

  • Indoor Season Singles #2: 5 matches in 10 weeks, starting February 6th.
  • Gladiator Tennis Party:  At 5 Star, February 24th  (details coming soon)
  • Mobile App - ready for Spring Season!
  • New & Improved Scheduling Tool - ready for Spring Season!
  • Spring Season Singles - begins April 16th.  We're expecting an all time high turnout!

Go to the Registration Page to sign ip for any of the above

Until Dec. 31st: Register for Indoor Doubles & Mixed Doubles Leagues!

Indoor Doubles/Mixed - Starts January 3rd!

Register by December 31st at

5 reasons you should play:

1. Low cost - $30/person entry fee. Hourly court fees split among 4 players. 7 clubs charge no guest fee for Gladiators. For a 2 hour match, you would pay as low as only $9 per player at Oak Lawn Tennis Club, or $11.50 per player at 5 Star, and low prices at Hanover Park, Rush-Copley, River Trails, Park Forest, and XS Tennis. 
2. You can join, even if you don't have a partner - Sign up by yourself, and we can locate a player for you. 
3. More time to play each match - 3 weeks to play each of the first 3 matches. 2 weeks to play each of the last 4 matches when the weather is warming up. 
4. Limited Travel - If you are in Chicago, you will only play other Chicago teams. If you are in the western suburbs, you will only play teams in that area. Same with the northwest suburbs. 
5. Playoffs follow the season in early May. Champions are awarded.

See this link for Indoor Court Locations:

Indoor/Outdoor Doubles & Mixed Doubles Packages

  • Entry Fee: $60 per player
  • Includes Indoor Season, Spring & Summer Doubles Seasons
  • Indoor Season is 7 mathces over 17 weeks - January 3rd through April 29th.
  • Spring Doubles (5 matches over 10 weeks) - May & June
  • Summer Doubles (5 matches over 10 weeks) - July & August